• Parul’s art often ponders on the metaphysical, taking the inspiration from vignettes of nature. Colour, texture and forms are an integral part of her enquiry. Having a design background gives her the innate ability to explore alternative materials. Process becomes as important as the final outcome in her artistic journey.

    Ms. Lubna Sen
    Founder & director  
    The Art Route Gallery ( New Delhi / India ) 
  • “I have had the pleasure and delight of working with Parul. She’s a versatile artists. Her art is a reflection of her spirit, philosophy and personality. Her work comes across as deep, serene and exotic.”

    Mrs. Anupama Trigunayat
    Visual Artist/International art curator
  • Lively works, full of colours applied freely with total abandoned expression. The freshness of the artworks touches the soul. Parul’s love for nature is clearly visible in her work. The play of texture enhances the freshness in all her pieces.

    l pray that you continue spreading happiness through your art.

    Shobha Broota
    Senior artist (New Delhi/ India)
  • It has been a delight to see Parul’s dedication and enthusiasm towards the arts. She has a lively imagination and every exhibition has had an element of surprise in it. Be it in the form of exploration around textures or her curiosity about sundry subjects that she explores in her own unique way.

    Mrs. Prenita Dutt
    Visual artist / Illustrator (New Delhi/ India) 
  • I have known Parul for over 20 years. She is a very talented artist and she has matured in her artistic journey to be where she is today. Her humanity, warmth and passion comes through her work. Parul’s work hangs in my home and it always gets me to smile. It is sophisticated and beautiful. I am very fond of her work and look forward to her exhibitions.

    Mrs. Roopa Sood
    Interior designer - RSD (New Delhi/ India)
  • Parul is one of the most honest people I have worked with so far. Her work in art reflects her calm and grounded personality. A mother of two beautiful kids, an amazingly talented artist and a spiritual person is how I know Parul Mehra. 

    As a photographer I have shared some joyful and very creative moments with Parul.

    Mr. Sudhanshu Shandilya (New Delhi/ India) 
    Commercial Photographer
  • Parul’s artworks are like a colourful journey depicting myriad themes, often dipping into the worlds of dreams and imagination. Her art has added much value and a visual feast to some of our global and national events – including the Korea-India Business Leadership Week, UAE-India Cultural Forum, annual Clean India Day Awards and on girl-child education.

    Mr. Robinder Sachdev
    President  & Vice Chairman,
    The Imagindia Institute (New Delhi / India )
  • “Parul is a dedicated and passionate artist. Her unique creativity is visible in her art works.”

    Mrs.Ritu Sangal
    Co- founder, Culture Chauraha (New Delhi/ India)
  • Parul is enormously passionate about her art, it reflects in her work and she passes that passion onto you. Her enthusiasm for life and her art is infectious and her professionalism outstanding.

    Mr. Nitin Srivastava
    Ink Art Consultancy (Bengaluru/ India)
  • It was a pleasure to work with the talented Parul Mehra for designing the invites and look of the TEDxTughlaqRd event in India in 2016.

    Parul brings with her lots of passion for her beautiful work.

    She also mentored an art student from our foundation to pursue visual arts as a full time course.

    Ms. Nehha Bhattnagar
    Founder Sarvam Foundation ( India / Australia )
  • Parul Mehra is a unique artist. I have seen her grow and experiment with different mediums over the years. Her eye for the unique is truly inspirational and she constantly seeks to experiment and learn different techniques which she brings to bear on her work. Her work shows an understanding of colour and form and her techniques are inspired. She has a multicultural and multidiscipline approach to her work and this produces some refreshing results.

    Mr. Anand Kapoor
    Director of Imahe Foundry India
  • Absolutely love, love, love Parul’s work. Her creativity is an expression of a higher power within which creates magic on canvas. I always wonder what was going on in her head to have come up with certain works, especially in “ Transition between Realms “ my absolute favourite.

    Mrs. Kavita Taneja
    Art collector & Interior designer (Nagpur/ India)
  • “Spirituality plays a very important role in Parul’s life, and this can be seen in her artwork which fully embodies this. The themes she explores in her paintings invite the viewer to connect to a deeper level, expressed through vibrant hues which fill you with warmth."

    Mrs. Rachael Wright ( Singapore )
    Functional Health & Wellness Coach.